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created under the umbrella of Can-Success Canada International Inc.-
a proudly Canadian Company
We are committed for a luminous future of our client with
responsibility to provide a successful and desirable outcome.
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assisting students to study, live and work for a sustainable growth
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Best chances for expanding your success to CANADA



is created under the umbrella of Can-Success Canada International Inc. a steadfast Canadian Company that visions to become a trustworthy trail for students to study in Canada. We vision to pave easy pathway to education for students by mentoring and counseling them and achieve their career aspiration. We recruit international students to study in Canadian colleges and university bearing corporation number 002678884 under the laws of the Canadian Government.

#2 Can-Success Canada International Inc.is

REGISTERED AGENT company and abide the guidelines of the RCIC and conduct in a manner that is consistent with the Canada Council’s By-Law, Code of Professional Ethics, and Regulations, which are contained on the Council’s website. With our Student Centric approach, Pathways-2-Education use their experience and expertise in counseling for career course and win admission purely in Canadian Colleges and University.

#3 Commitment

Pathways-2-Education works closely with students to provide English language preparation course (IELTS),connect to CAEL Test in India and prepare students for Duolingo English test and help to get higher bands to secure position in Canadian Colleges and Universities.

#4 Vison

VISION: We vision to pave easy pathways for students to achieve their career aspirations through education in Canada, study and apply for Permanent Residency if eligible. To achieve this vision, Pathways-2-Education under Can-Success Canada International Inc. strive to work hard and welcome World to Canada. Being Canadian Company operating head office from Toronto, we are committed to provide truly Canadian quality services, helping our students and their parents/family to move in the correct direction. There is no hassle of fees payment, or to pay exorbitant Amount to any agent.

#5 Misson:

Creating a pathway for students to receive quality education in Canada and choose Canada as their home country. Every youth have right to quality education and exposure to international education system.


Frequently asked questions

Canada is a top dream destination for the International Students. At Pathways-2 Education our experienced team carefully assesses student’s eligibility to the course and support them to register and apply on time so that timely offer letter can be received from college.

While you plan your budget as an International Student in Canada, consider the

  • following-
  •  Housing
  •  Food and Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  •  Entertainment and Fun

-For more information contact us today!

Regarding the transfer of the credits each institutions/university has it’s own policy. Contact the university directly to know detail of credit transfer if they allow. You may also want to look into whether your current institution has any credit recognition with institutes in Canada.

College programs vary in length, so they are lesser expensive than Universities. Some colleges from CAD 8,000 to CAD 18,000 annually depending on the college and your program of study. On an average the living cost tend to be approximately CAD 12,000.

Fall – September
Winter – January
Summer – May
The majority of the programs in Canada are offered during Fall and Winter where as fewer are offered during Summer sessions. Students must do their due diligence before considering graduate & undergraduate programs availability before applying for studying in Canada.

To be considered to get admission in the Canadian Institutes/Colleges or Universities, follow
the follow the below steps:
Step 1- Student Registration
Step 2- Student Counseling with expert
Step 3-Document submission
Step 4-Receive College/Course options
Step 5- Select College/Course.
Step 6- Submit application for admission.
Step 7-Receive Offer Letter
Step 8-Apply for Study permit