Study Permit



Study, live and work in Canada is possible with careful planning. Studying in Canadian Colleges and Universities can be confusing and complicated if you do not choose correct program and select what is best for you in long run. Our experienced counsellor has wealth of knowledge to assist in course selection and apply for the admission. The admission process can be a confusing. You need to understand the process. ADMISSION- Choosing a program and college is a crucial step for succeeding in Canada as an international student. In Canada, each province and territory have their own education system. We help students carefully choose the programs and college/university.


province & territories

Every province and territories designate have approved colleges and universities which can give admission to International students. These schools are known as Designated Learning Institutes having their specific DLI numbers. If a student need a study permit, they will need an acceptance letter from a DLI . Once you have chosen an institution, you need to apply for the program. If you meet the admission requirements of educational institute you will be granted an acceptance letter which is also called offer letter by some.



A student can apply for the Visa in two ways, either apply online or going to the nearest Visa Application Center.


Program choose

Once student have chosen an appropriate program, pay tuition fees to secure spot. Before you apply for study permit, you will need an acceptance letter from school, college/university. Receiving an acceptance letter alone is not enough to ensure you will be allowed to study in Canada. You will have to apply for a study permit. Should you need a study permit, you will need to submit a number of application forms along with supporting documents for yourself and any accompanying family members.


Immigration affairs

Immigration affairs is carefully handled by our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant to help you apply for visa


Before applying

Before applying for the Visa, student must open a GIC account worth CAD $10,000. GIC is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate necessary for students from some countries like India, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, Vietnam and Senegal under Student Direct Stream (SDS) in 20 calendar days.


It is heart breaking to see how some students and their parents fall prey to fraudulent companies and pay exorbitant amount to the education agent or representatives. In the name of Scholarship money is charged from the students or their parents… Currently, all Government of Canada scholarship programs, including their application process, are free of charge and typically run through online application forms hosted on Government of Canada websites


It is important to note that education agents cannot provide advice on Canada’s immigration process. In 2011, the Government of Canada amended the Immigration and Refugee Act to make it illegal for anyone but an authorized representative. -Watch for the fake consultant who ask for money for Visa guarantee or job offer - No Immigration Consultant will ask for a upfront fees without initial consultation. Any reputable lawyer or Immigration consultant will always offer for a free initial consultation. Sometimes a consultant may ask for fees to review your application before submitting, which is a good idea and is acceptable. - If there is no retainer signed or no contract in place, then you must run away from such consultants.

- If there is no retainer signed or no contract in place, then you must run away from such consultants.