Study plan


Once a student receives an acceptance letter, applicants will be required to submit a study plan while applying for study permit. This would need to include:

• Why you wish to study in Canada in the program for which you have been accepted?
• What your overall educational goal is?
• Why are you not pursuing a similar program in your country of residence?
• What research have you done into studies in your country of residence or citizenship?
• How will the Canadian program enhance your employment opportunities in your country of residence or citizenship.?
• What ties do you have to your country of residence or citizenship?


If you want to study in Quebec, you need a certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) issued by the Gouvernement du Québec. Your school can give you all the details on how to apply for the CAQ.

Applicants may also be required to submit the following:
• Biometrics.
• Police clearance certificates.
• Proof of completing an immigration medical examination.
• Proof of previously completed education.
• An updated CV.
• Marriage certificate.(if required)
• Unabridged birth certificates for minor children.
• Notarized letter of consent for a child who is travelling with only one parent.
• Custodianship declaration for students less than 18 years of age who are not going to be
accompanied by a parent.